How can i attach a bullet to a tower

i can put several towers in the scene, and they shoot when they are seeing an enemy, my problem is that i have a Checker script in my tower (where i check distance with enemies)and i want to make the bullet follow the enemy that the FOR gaves me. I know that i have to attach my tower to a public gameobject in the bullet so i can Get the component Checker but i cant. the steps are:

  1. create tower
  2. detect enemy distance - save the enemy index in Checker
  3. shoot
  4. the bullet following the enemy with the Index saved


Instantiate the bullet at the tower.position+offset…
define rang say range=5;
gameobject target=findtagwith(enemy);
start fire

GameObject.LookAt… give it a tag which you want to follow… bullet.lookat ( target)…forceon forward

I finish using raycast, is not wat i expected, but it works well. Thx everybody!