How can I attach a script to all of the tiles inside of my grid?

When I right click in the hierarchy and go to 2d → Tilemap, it creates a grid. After I paint a bunch of tiles onto that grid with my palette, I see the tiles in the scene/game view, but I don’t see those tiles as gameobjects in the hierarchy. How then can I attach a behavior script to those tiles?

A good tile map tool will never create tiles as individual gameobjects. It’s horrible for performance. If you want to make a trigger, you should create a gameobject just for the grid you want. If you want things happen based on character’s position, you should have just one gameobject to monitor character position and react based on this data

You can create a different palette for different objects. and attach scripts to those palette then assign the layer name for each palette or add Collider2D component for each palette check the Is Trigger. access them with tag name. i think this will help @sean244 .