how can i attach visual studio debug under android

hi, i have a question about debugging with visual studio.

first, sorry about my poor english.

i followed construction in below page.

  1. my develop machine & mobile within same router and i disable all firewall in my windows
  2. “adb devices” command shows me mobile successfully attached
  3. Execute Build & Run command in Unity and successfully deploy the game to mobile.
  4. “Attach Unity Debugger” in Visual studio shows me my phone is connected with.
  5. i can choose “Attach to Unity - My Phone@IP:56012” in Visual Studio toolbar.
  6. and i start debugging BUT NOTHING HAPPEN.( maybe visual studio can not connect with unity debugger )
  7. also i checked with mono develop
  8. “Run > Attach Process” menu have my mobile information
  9. choose my mobile and play but mono develop can not connect with debugger too.

i think problem is

  1. “Attach to Unity - My Phone@IP:5555” is right but my visual studio show me “Attach to Unity - My Phone@IP:56012”. is that correct?
  2. my router does not have MULTICAST option. so i think multicast doesn’t work for me.

if anyone have ideas about this problem it will be so great for me.

This is my develop environment - windows 10, visual studio 2015, Unity 5.3.3f1 PERSONAL

Does anyone have any idea? i spent lots of my time for this.

You can close your windows fire defense.

Then you can use usb debugging.(With Build setting : Develope Build and scripting)

In VS Attach Unity Debug can see the list when you lunch the APK.