how can I build android on unity SDK 4.4.1?

I de a game by unity 2019.1.9 unity SDK 2.1.0 but ads doesn’t work now so I transfer my game to unity 2020.3.45 unity sdk 4.4.1 ,I had some errors on reward ads button and fix them so now when I want build android ,I receive error I attached errors in links:

Please help me


Unfortunately, Unity SDK 4.4.1 is quite an old version and it may not be possible to build an Android app using that version.

However, if you have a newer version of Unity installed, you can follow these steps to build an Android app:

Open your Unity project
Go to File > Build Settings
In the Build Settings window, select Android as the platform
Click on Player Settings to configure your project for Android
In the Player Settings window, configure your settings, such as the company name, product name, icon, and other settings specific to Android
Connect your Android device to your computer and make sure it is set up for development. Alternatively, you can use an Android emulator. MyGeorgiaSouthern
Click on Build and Run to build your app and run it on your Android device or emulator.
Keep in mind that these steps are for newer versions of Unity and may not be applicable to version 4.4.1.