How can i call GUI.tooltip from another script

Hello i have a problem here with displaying my tooltips, if anyone could help me that would be great.

I’ve got two scripts in first script i created a loot window which is a GUI.Window and for each item i am creating GUI.Buttons with GUIContent

 GUI.Button(new Rect(25 + (buttonWidth * cnt),
 10, 40, 40),
 GUIContent (texture[cnt], itemsToolTip[cnt])))

i have also 2 other functions in my first script one is SetToolTip() and the other DisplayToolTip().

Now when i open my loot window tooltips are working fine.
The problem is that when i want to call my tooltip inside inventory script i am having this error
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Basically in my inv script i have a GUI.Window and for inv slots i am creating GUI.Buttons. On the end of this function i am calling my SetToolTip() from Loot script but it does not work. I can open the chest and see the tooltips fine without probles but as soon as i open my inventory the previously stated error appears.

var loot : Loot;

function Start() {
loot = player.GetComponent("Loot");

function InventoryWindow(){

  if (GUI.Button( Rect(10, 10, 40, 40),
new GUIContent ( textureList[cnt])))								



thank you for reading

You aren’t setting that “Loot” variable loot to anything though by the look of it.

I’d try using the GetComponent feature to access the script for you (assuming the script is attached to something), sorry that I’m writing it in c# but I’ll link to the page anyway:

Loot loot = gameObject.GetComponent<Loot>();

This will allow to to access the script directly as I don’t think that loot has been initialized properly. Look at GetComponent for more examples