How can I change how an object looks like

I’m doing Space Shooter and I’m adding other ships that come from the top of the screen kind of like the enemy ships. I got a cube that acts like an asteroid except that when you shoot it you lose points. The reason that your supposed to avoid shooting it. I have a cube that does what I want it to do which is come from the top of the screen and if I shoot it, it’ll blow up and you lose points. What I want to do is make the cube look different. I have a spaceship model but I don’t know how to change how to change the cube into the spaceship. Please help and I’ll clarify if you need me to.

Can you copy the code script in the inspector panel and paste it in the space ship?

Yes I can do that @SeeMeNot. But I don’t need the answer anymore, I figured it out. If someone does need the answer its that you make a copy of the enemy or whatever with all the components and just delete the mesh, or the actualy object and replace it with the mesh or object of the one that you want.