How can I change machine specification when create a Fleet?

Hi everyone!

I'm testing the Game Server Hosting, and when I was following the setup guide, I notice that I can't change the machine specification at the Cloud Server Density step. Is there a way that I could create a fleet in a different kind of machine?

Thanks in advance!

I noticed the same and cannot find anyway to increase the specs of the servers.
I saw a video yesterday where he showed this and in that he could change it.

Hello and thanks for your question!

At the moment we only support the one machine type for fleets via the Unity Dashboard or APIs for general usage.

If it is vital that you use a different machine spec, and would like us to specifically assign another type of machine to your fleet then please contact support to find out what your options are.

Ok thanks for the answer. Its ok for now, I'm just testing things out and was seeing the option to change it in a video and wondered why I couldn't do that.