How can i change standalone player's window style?

Hi there I want to transparent standalnoe Player. Until now, I hide windws frame, use winApi. But I don't know transparent standalone player's background.

help me!

  1. For Hide Window frmae

    • Make dll and inport unity(Win Api)
      • FindeWindow
      • SetWindowLongW(...WS_EX_LAYERED)
      • SetLayeredWindowAttrivutes(......., LWA_ALPHA | LWA_COLORKEY)
  2. Result of 1 is Hide Window Frame. But Player's Background Color was't Transparency.

create a sold color background for your game using your camera. (choose solid color instead of skybox). then use that API but that API is so heavy! unity currently don't have a feature like that for windows standalones and side bars but in mac you can create transparent dashboard vidgets

How do you create transparent windows? I tried to use a solid color with the alpha set to zero but it didn't work.

Would you please let me know what else I need to do?