How can I change the animation in the editor window?

I want the character to sit in a chair
I tried to use the prefab of the existing sitting character, but when I dragged the prefab to the map, it is taking T-Pose.
How can I change the animation in the editor without hitting the play button?

When you drag a prefab with a character into the Unity scene, it will often default to the T-Pose if there’s no animation set to play immediately. Here’s a step-by-step guide to change the animation in the Unity editor:

  1. Import Necessary Assets: Ensure you have imported all the necessary animations for your character.
  2. Open the Animation Window:
  • Navigate to Window > Animation > Animation from the top menu bar.
  • Dock this window somewhere you can easily see it.
  1. Select Your Character: Click on the character in the scene view or hierarchy.
  2. Choose the Animation:
  • With your character selected and the animation window open, you should see a list of available animations for that character. If not, check to make sure the character has an Animator component attached with an assigned animation controller.
  • From the dropdown in the animation window, select the sitting animation you wish the character to play.
  1. Preview the Animation:
  • Below the timeline in the animation window, there’s a play button. Press this to preview the animation. Your character should transition from a T-pose to the desired sitting animation.
  1. Set as Default Animation:
  • Open the Animator Window (Window > Animation > Animator).
  • Within the Animator window, you’ll see a state machine for your character. If the sitting animation is what you want to play by default when the scene starts, right-click on the sitting animation state and set it as the default state.
  1. Applying Changes to Prefab:
  • If you made changes to the prefab instance in the scene and want to apply them to the original prefab, select the modified character in the hierarchy, then click on the Overrides dropdown at the top of the Inspector and choose “Apply All”. This way, every time you drag the prefab into a scene, it’ll have these changes.
  1. Ensure Runtime Behavior:
  • Though this allows you to see and set the animation in the editor, ensure there are no scripts or other systems in place that might change the animation once the game is played.

This process will allow you to change and preview animations without having to hit the play button in Unity.

You can go to the animator controller and you will see the T-Pose is set to default state. Right click on the sitting character and set it to default state in the animator controller window. Post that when you click on play all the prefabs will go to sitting as the default state from the beginning.