How can I change the average velocity of my animation?


I am a beginner in Unity.

I got an humanoid model in an fbx file which also contains its animations. I created a clip to make a walking animation but my character does not move on according to the animation. (I ticked the “Apply root motion” check box).

Actually I noticed that the average velocity of my animation is (0,0,0) whether I tick or not the different “Bake Into Pose” check boxes.

As the problem seems to come from here, do you know how I can change this Average Velocity? The humanoid model has been realized in Maya.

Many thanks.

Hi, sorry but I don’t think this answers my question.

I can make the animation run at different speed, the question is how to change the displacement of the humanoid according to it.

How can I change the “average velocity” parameter?

Many thanks.