How can i check if my Player was in the attack animation of my Enemy(2D)

Hey, i got a 2D Player and Enemy. If the Enemy is in a close Distance to the Player he attacks. But its possible to dodge the attack (with jumping or running away). Now i need to find the exact moment of the enemy attack animation, when the Axe goes down in my code, so i can check if the player is still close then. Or even better would be if i can put some kind of dmg box to the Enemy, which always spawns during the attack animation, so i can check if the player is inside the “DMG zone” or not.
If anyone has ideas how i can do that i would be very happy. Or tell me if u need to see some parts of the game.

You can add function callback to any keyframe of an animation. This way you’ll be able to track when the Axe is going down. Here is the doc: Unity - Manual: Using Animation Events