how can i collect items that fills up a GUI??

ok… i already have a script for doing an array of words to put in to the GUI.

now … i want the GUI to fill up as i collect words, letters, objects , etc…

so when i collected up to a certain amount of items…

the GUI will fill up as i collect…

[word collected] → [++++GUI++++]

and what’s the best type of GUI for this…??

some help, tips and solutions are appreciated…

thank you for your patience and attention…

Ok I’m going to attempt an answer without fully understanding the problem :slight_smile:

  function OnGUI() {
     GUILayout.BeginArea(Rect(20,20,600,600)); //Use your own dimensions :)
     for(var i = 0; i < totalItems; i+=10) //10 is max items per row
          for(var j=0; j<10 && i+j < totalItems; j++) 

Where items is an array or list of strings and totalItems is the number in it. You might be using an Array or ArrayList for items so in that case you can just replace totalItems with items.Length;