How can I combine particleemitter and gameobject?

With the following code, I get one of two problems:

  1. If I declare inner and outer as
    ParticleEmitters, it tells me it
    can’t convert a GameObject to a
    ParticleEmitter when I use the
    FindGameObjectWithTag() method.

  2. If I declare them as GameObjects, then that works, but
    then it tells me there’s no emit
    method on GameObject.

Here’s the code, currently in the first form. How can I accomplish this?

var inner: ParticleEmitter;
var outer: ParticleEmitter;

function Start () {
inner = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("flame_inner");
outer = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("flame_outer");
inner.emit = false;
outer.emit = false; 


Declare them as GameObjects and then use:
inner.particleEmitter.emit = false;