How can i control force on a mouse look?

my character moves around in space. i want to use realistic physics but still give the player subtle/accurate control. I found a way to make a force based mouse look, but it doesn’t stop the force applied. eg: when you move the mouse right, the player spins to the right, but when you stop the mouse the player continues to spin. in order to stop you have to apply counter-force to the left. I want my player to just stop when the mouse does, but still have force control so they can intuitively stop when they go into a spin (hit an asteroid or bomb).

var h : float = horizontalSpeed * Input.GetAxis ("Mouse X");
		var v : float = verticalSpeed * Input.GetAxis ("Mouse Y");
		MyRigid.AddRelativeTorque (v, h, 0);

If you want an immediate stop, you can do:

MyRigid.angularVelocity =;

But I in real life we seldom see things immediately stop. So a better solution might be to manipulate the angularDrag:

MyRigid.angularDrag = 15;

When the mouse button goes down, reduce the drag. When the mouse goes up, increase the drag.