How can I convert a video to .ogg format and have it play from a web server?

I’ve been attempting to convert our video files for a project into .ogg format so that we can stream them from the web in our game. However all of the various encoders I have tried haven’t made an .ogg video that works on our web server. The sample .ogg file that Unity provides however does work off of our web server.

The encoding programs I’ve tried so far are:




DS Mux

Miro Video Encoder

TheorConverter .NET

None of them seem to be able to make an .ogg or .ogv that Unity will play off a web server. Has anyone had a similar problem and/or does anyone have any solutions to this problem?

i used VLC player for the same task - works just fine and unity plays that file OK

That didn’t work either. Nothing we convert with will give us an .ogg that works. I feel like there might be something else we’re missing here that is making all our files not work like the sample provided.

Any thoughts on anything else you’d need to do to this file other than convert it to .ogg?

Alright we figured out the problem.

Apparently Unity was reading the video files as having a duration of -1 for some reason. Eventually we noticed that the sample video had the duration saved as Metadata in the video file which we could see from VLC Player. The other encoders weren’t automatically saving that metadata out, instead just listing the encoder in the metadata field, so Unity didn’t know what the duration was.

Our coders are not particularly happy to find that we are now going to have to embed duration Metadata into all of our videos to make sure Unity knows how long the clips are. Frustrating but at least we have a solution.

I have had good luck with this one: Convert video to OGV Theora online

either you can search on google that conver video .ogg and post on webserver, play online videos for more services go [format conversion]

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I’m from the future. I found the command …

ffmpeg -i input.avi -acodec libfaac -b:a 128k -vcodec mpeg4 -b:v 1200k -flags +aic+mv4 output.mp4

… from here to work “as is” with the current Windows version of ffmpeg and Unity 5.0