How can I create a new Project?

Hello guyz
Recently i wanted to create a new project but the Pop-up window was black. After closing it an error message appeared in the console:
Error loading file:///C%3A%2FUsers%2FJerrit%2FAppData%2FRoaming%2FUnity%2FPackages%2Fnode_modules%2Funity-editor-home%2Fdist/index.html#/project/new

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Sounds to me like your OS or your unity installation have problems. I’ll guess your on windows, and the latest unity. Try and do all windows updates, and then completely uninstall and reinstall unity (projects don’t get deleted in this process) and then try again.

Got antivirus? If not get Avast or any of the popular ones, full system scan. Get Malwarebytes free (even if you got antivirus) and scan with that too.

Ever have problems with other applications or games? Consider a re-installation of windows from a formatted drive!