how can i create an android app version 2.1 in unity?

hi , i am using unity 3.5 and when i create a apk file by unity android my apk just run in android version 4 and not lower . i want to create a android game for android 2.1 . can you help me ?
sorry for my bad english .

you should be able to select the api level from the player settingsā€¦

Just make sure you installed the targetted api level in Android SDK

thank you . but i have installed all android platforms in my sdk and i set minimum api level to android 2.1 but still my android app just run in android 4 .is there any other problems ?

i test my project on unity 3.4.2 and my problem solved but i still want to do it on unity 3.5 or 4 . can anyone help me please . sorry for my bad english