How can I de-parent an object from another??

How can I de-parent an object from another??
i MEAN, if I have an object i which there are others, how can I deparent them??

If you don’t want to detach children but de-parent an object (not sure from your question) you can simply use transform.parent = null;

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Are you looking to do this through a script at runtime? Or are you wanting to do this through the editor/inspector?

If you’re doing this through a script, you can use Transform.DetachChildren. Which script you would call this in would depend on which children/parents you want to be separated. The documentation for that is here: DetachChildren

If you want to do this through the editor, its a simple drag-and-drop for the items you wish to separate. Just click and drag the object out from beneath the parent, and drop it somewhere in the Hierarchy view.

Hope this helps

PLEASE try searching first. This is a clearly documented function on the Transform page of the scripting reference.

you can try this: