How can I deform 3D object with a bomb?

Hi, I am new here. I wanted to develope a 2.5D Worms-like game to add to my portfolio. I learned about meshes and vertices a lot and I am still processing this informations :slight_smile: . People deform meshes using by Raycast but I want to blow a granade and deform a basic 3D object like a cube or a sphere. I suppose the first thing that I have to do is getting the vertices that I am going to maipulate. So I think, I can do that with a collider but how? Or there is a easier way. Understanding mesh vertices and triangles feels complex to me.

Imagine that, it is a 3D world.


After explosion the 3D object will looks like that.

How can I develope something like that? Which tools or methods?


There is not a simple answer or simple way to do it. You can modify any mesh, but you need to know how

Read this post: Modifying a Mesh at Runtime - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Probably there are assets in assets store that helps with that.


Hi, I am not sure this method is good or not, but it will work as you want to do. You can create your wall or and block with small blocks( like unity have cube size 1. so you can make this block with tiny block have size .1 or less.) and for explosion area you can use sphere collider, and use OnCollisionEnter method and destroy those tiny blocks which under the collision area and use some effects. I am providing you a picture that will help you understand more clearly. and If you need more help you can text me on my insta @platinum_boy01.