How can I delete an object by dragging it to the corner of the screen.

In my 2D game you can drag objects around and place them wherever you want with the mouse, but I want to be able to delete them If I drag them to an specific part of the screen.
The problems I have with the ways I have tried to implement it are 1)The resolution messes the relative location of the object I’m deleting with,since I’m developing to mobile platforms. 2) a Zoom feature makes the area that deletes objects bigger than what it should be. 3)It has to be a GameObject, I thought I could implement it in the GUI, but it seems to be impossible.
Can someone point me in the right direction as to how can I approach this problem?

I believe you can use Viewport coordinates to solve all of your problems here. Viewport coordinates start at (0,0) in the lower left of the screen and go to (1,1) in the upper right of the screen. I don’t know how you have your dragging setup, but here is a bit of example code.

var viewportPos = Camera.main.WorldToViewportPoint(transform.position);
if (viewPortPos.x > 0.9 && viewportPos.y < 0.1) {

This will destroy the object if its pivot point is in the lower right (10% both vertically and horizontally) of the screen.