How can I detect the direction of my player object?

I am creating a 2.5D top down game, going for the style of FF6 or even like Zelda, back on the NES. I need to detect in which direction the object is moving so it can change the texture of the player object. The reason why I cant just detect on key press is I’m setting it up for mobile devices where you touch the screen and the player moves toward your touch.

Thanks in advance for the help.

So you want to move the player object is moving but not rotate it? Just save the transform.position every frame. Then, the next frame, do transform.position - lastPosition. That gives you the velocity of your character.

boom figured it out.

I created a new object, and then attached that object to my player object and removed the texture from it. I then allowed the hidden object to rotate toward the “touch” and then pulled it’s rotation value and wrote if statements based on the rotation.