How can I disable collision for 1 tile?

I have a platform which exists of 4 tiles. The top 2 tiles have a small collision shape.
The bottom 2 tiles should have no collision.

I tried removing all custom physics shape points on the bottom 2 tiles, but somehow it still generates an outline around it. Even though I have the ‘generate physics shape’ setting turned off:


A third option I read somewhere is to set the tile collidertype. link text
However whatever tile I click in my tile map, or my palette, the property is always greyed out.

Does anyone have an idea how to have a tile collisionfree?



I was dealing with this issue since 2 hours now and unfortunatly there is nothing documentated. Even there are not much finding the forum nor reddit nor stackoverflow and so on…
BUT i figured it out whats the point!
What you need to do is go into the folder with all the generated Tile Assets. And then select (Multiselect & change is possible) the specific tiles you DONT want to have a shape generated the collider type to “None”.
By default its “Sprite” , due to the fact that you usually import it as a Sprite.
If you have a custom physics shape on a single tile then you have to choose “Sprite” still.
You will find these Tile Assets in the folder that you have selected when dragging&dropping a sprite into a Tile Palette and Unity asks you to choose a folder where to store all the generated Tiles.



169548-zrzut-ekranu-2020-10-20-184459.png in tiles folder check your tiles

Hi, this is about 1 tile in the tilemap component. So not a game object.
All tiles can be edited using the sprite editor. However when I remove the physics shape completely from a sprite (tile), then it will get a default shape which I don’t want.

What about putting it on a seperate tilemap without collisions?

If you want to make a particular tile in your tilemap not collide, you can select that tile’s custom physics shape in the tilemap’s sprite editor, and drag all the shape’s vertex points to overlap at 1 point, causing the physics shape to have dimensions of 0.,On the custom physics shape for the tile you want to have no collision, you can drag all the vertices to 1 point so that the collider has no size.