How can I disable occlusion culling on the Scene View?

I am working on a game that is composed of multiple scenes. All of these scenes are additively loaded at runtime. So, I bake occlusion culling by loading all scenes in the editor and baking.

The problem is: When I open a single scene for editing, occlusion culling still takes place in the scene view. Unfortunately, objects in my scene are being occluded by objects in other (not yet loaded) scenes. The result is: Objects in my scene disappear and appear seemingly at random as I move the scene view around.

Some things I can’t do:

  • I can’t just put everything in the same scene. The separate scenes make it possible for multiple people to work on the project at the same time without merge issues, as well as allowing lighting to be baked scene by scene in a reasonable amount of time.
  • I can’t just clear my baked occlusion data (unless there is some easy way to restore it), because then I would need to re-bake, which takes a long time and affects every scene, causing merge issues with people working on other scenes.

Not really understand why there is no answer for this question. It’s quite annoying.

In 2019.1 you have control of this:

alt text

If it could help the community…

ALL THE CAMERAs OF THE PROJECT, include the ones, not “on”, need to be OCCLUSION DISABABLED…

It continu creates troubles.