How can I display text onscreen dynamically?

I want to show a text one by one on the screen and follow some kind of curve, like
“Hello”, then H-E-L-L-O will do the same path but follow the path i offer one by one, the thing is the word “hello” might change so i don’t know what it will be, i cannot create the GUI Text and find them in the code because i dont know how many there will be…

Any ideas?

If you have access to maya, I would just animate it in there. If you need something as a placeholder, and don’t know what it will say you can just create the motion, and transfer the motion path to another set of text.
If you wanted it 2d, same concept would work with flash or any 2d animation software you use.

Why not create GUIText (or GUI.Label) with one-per-letter? You can absolutely keep track of them, you’d create as many as you need, probably assigning them to an array.