How can I display the number of times a gameobject has been clicked?

I have several instantiated clones of a prefab. Each clone is assigned a different name corresponding to what the user inputs in a text field. Each name is put into a List.

I am able to get the number of times a clone has been clicked (Count) and I am able to check whether it is in the list. Then I am able to display the Count for each object.

My problem:

If containsItem == true, and h++, how can I display the Count for ALL identical clones at the same time?

containsItem = data[0].Contains(;  

h = data[0].Where(s => s != null && s.Contains( + 1;  

TMP_Text temp = EventSystem.current.currentSelectedGameObject.GetComponentInChildren<TextMeshProUGUI>();

Right now, the Count will update and display, but only on one clone at a time.

Another variable the totals the h’s - like totalClicks += h; and then display that?