How can I download and play a movie not using the WWW class?

I’ve already come up with that question in the unity forum.

I want to download a .ogg file not using the WWW class. This is because I don’t want any AdBlocker to block my request. So instead I download the file using raw HTTP. Is there any way to get this downloaded data working on a movie texture?

I’m going nuts on this. It’s really frustrating me that there is no suitable video solution in Unity. Please help!!!

Thanks in advance,

If you are using c#, you can do these:

1-Establish a ftp server where you can keep your tracks

2-Create a service that allows you to stream that tracks

3-Use .Net stream library to stream from that ftp adress.

This is the first think that i came up with, i’m not sure if it will work but it sounds appropriate