How can I download Version 5.5.0b11 ?

I have the version 5.5.0b11 installed on my other computer, I want to work on my project on both Pc’s with the collaboration feature. As far as I know you need the exact same Version as the other client to use the feature but the problem is that I can’t find this specific Version. I can get 5.5 etc. but I can only get the 5.6 betas, the 5.5 isn’t listed in the archive there anymore.

Where could i get this installer from or do I really need the same Version as the other Clients from the Collaboration (can’t I just use the normal 5.5 version with the 5.5.0b11).

No, i do not want to update the beta version to a newer one because I just got my whole project screwed by doing that. (see my other Question about that)

You can download 5.5.0f3 here (‘5.5.0 - 30, Nov 2016’ in the list). I don’t think you can download 5.5.0b11 specifically, but you can update the machine currently running that version to the one in the link and you should be good to go.