How can I draw a line between 2 objects in Unity2D

I have an aiming reticle, and want to draw a line connecting the position of the reticle GameObject to the ball GameObject. I have done a lot of reading and googling and have found people mention Gizmos.DrawLine but I cannot get my head around it and could do with a concrete code example of simply drawing a line between 2 objects!

You can just place a line object in the middle of both objects, with direction of object b - a, and length = disntance (b,a).

line cube/line plane object position= lerp(obj1, obj2, o.5), 
object lookat = object 2;
object size. z = vector3.distance(obj1,obj2)

it’s 3 lines, it’s pretty efficient. instead of lookat, you can use object rotation = (obj1 pos - obj2 pos)