How can I edit Material Textures without creating a new Shader?,How to edit Material Texture

I have a shader like this:

And a Material that uses the shader:


As you can see, the “select texture” button is greyed out and drag and dropping textures doesn’t work either. The only way to edit the material texture I have found is, changing the texture in the shader. I am following this tutorial by Sirhayan and he is using just one shader for all his materials. How can I create different materials with different textures without creating a new shader for every single one?

I am using Shadergraph as opposed to the tutorial, which uses SaderForge.

I have tried deleting the Texture 2D Asset Node or setting it to different settings but nothing I do seems to change this behaviour.

I am using a PBR Shader in order to use Shadergraph.

Thank you for your time.

I am now using ShaderForge instead of Shadergraph, which fixes the issue.