How can I edit materials on the model I brought from Sketch-up?,Hi,

Hi, I just start to learn Unity. I made model on Sketch-up, and bring it to unity. When I try to assign material on the object from Sketch-up, only color is changing texture stay same. When I try to assign same texture material on the object I create in Unity, I can see the texture. How can I add textures that I download from internet on the model from Sketch-up?
Thank you very much,

Hello there.

I’m not an expert, but scene Objects (meshes) can have materials, so you need first to make your own material. When creating a material you can assign textures to that material.

Get the materials and textures you exactly want is complex, not dificult, but complex.

Take a look at this manual and this tutorial, it will help.

Good luck!

Thank you very much for answer. It helped me to understand how to edit material. However, I still cannot assign those materials to the model which I import from Sketch-up. I can see materials on the Unity model, but I cannot see on the model I import from Sketch-up. Is this problem about the material settings in Unity or do I need to do some settings in Sketch-up?