How can I export humanoid from Poser to Unity?

Hi, I want to use a character from Poser in Unity. What I do is exporting from Poser to 3ds max and then from there to FBX in Unity. Unity documentation says you can import humanoids from Poser, MakeHuman etc. But when I import the final model to Unity and select rig and animation type humanoid “not enough bones to create human avatar (requires 15)”. So, is there a way to use Poser model as humanoid in Unity? Thanks in advance.

Technically you can; if you buy the Poser Pro Dev edition.

You cannot use in Unity the Poser model, due to licensing issues; this is the greatest problem.

But if you want, for your home products or to test them for whatever reason you have, you may export from Poser in Collada format; and import into Unity. Beware thou, you won’t get any love from the figure; unless you heavily modify the output in the collada file; which implicitly is mesh modification, and it is prohibited by the EULA in Poser.

To sum it up, just don’t do it unless you have poser pro dev edition, that just output in FBX for Unity and is licensed (beware that the licensed content is not that much; then you need a license, or you have to hunt down the artists that made a specific figure to negotiate a license for your product).

Just buy Fuse; or pay someone to make models…it is faster, believe me