How Can I Export To Win10 From Manjaro Linux?

I’m trying to export my unity game but I can’t even export it to Linux. Unity hub says that WebGL and Linux modules are installed. And When when i try to add windows module too, it doesn’t work.

then when I click on ‘DONE’, it looks like it’s installing the windows module, but it still doesn’t work.

Also when I try to export the project, I only have Linux in the drop down menu.

Then when I click on on ‘Build’, and I choose a path, the ‘Save’ button is grayed out so I can’t click on it.

(Check the replies to see the last image)

Well I had that problem too there is nothing you can do with this one what you can do is

Open unity hub and try to get installs for new unity version there add modules to what you can build with that version.

maybe even you can export on current version

When that’s done you go to hdd and force copy all scripts to the new project.

Here is what I mean