How can I extract a mesh from the nav mesh?

I am trying to get a mesh from the nav mesh. The way that I have found is by:

NavMeshTriangulation navMeshTriangluation = NavMesh.CalculateTriangulation();
int[] triangles = navMeshTriangluation.indices;
Vector3[] vertices = navMeshTriangluation.vertices;

Then I use AutoWeld from this Unity answers page to remove the duplicates. But when I add a material of a grid square, it appears that uvs are so tight together, the object just shows the color of the grid lines.

I have also played around with High-Level NavMesh Building Components too and was unsuccessful.

I would just like a simple mesh extracted from the nav mesh and to be able to apply an material to it. Any ideas?

I am guessing the navmesh doesn’t generate or set up uvs correctly since they don’t matter for navigation at all. Lucky for you I think Triplanar mapping would work great for your situation. Basically it just projects a texture onto your mesh from each cardinal direction without the need for uvs.