How can I find out what ports I need to open on the Firewall?

I am trying to get Unity's Networking example project to run over our network, but I'm not getting a response of any kind (after hosting a server, no games appear on any connected machine). As it is the company network, the firewall controls are like a maximum security prison. I can get this sorted with the relevant tech staff, but I need to know what ports it is using and such.

How can I find out what ports need opening? Are they determined by Unity's architecture, or somewhere in the scripts?

I am using a Webplayer build of Unity's Networking Example.


A few ports you need to open:

Its with port 23456 and with port 50001, both UDP. Both names point to at the moment but if either or both servers are moved then the DNS names will always point to the correct IP.

From larus: UT Master Server info?

In fact, the IP-address of the masterserver has changed and is now: The IP-address of the facilitator is the same (also Of course, you could also use your own MasterServer, ConnectionTester and Facilitator and in that case define your own ports (and use your own IPs).

You can define the port your game server uses in CreateServer:

you specify the port in the CreateServer(...) function and can be pretty much any portnumber, well any 16-bit number anyway (its always good to check up on, to avoid common ports) usually anywhere from 5000 to 48000 or so should be pretty "safe" port numbers.

From perlohmann: Unity ports and custom server setup

In general, you'd always open UDP (but to be safe, you may consider also opening TCP if UDP only fails ;-) ).