How can i finish my game??

I am working in a survival horro game, i don´t know how to programm but i am good at 3D modeling and animating, the problema in here is that i found a script for my game (IS BASED IN SLENDER) so the script makes that when i créate a cube and rename it to Paper it automatically recognize it to a paper that you can collect, the problem is that i can put how many papers you can collect but when you reach the goal nothing happens, i want when you reach the goal a text appears and 5 seconds later the game ends.
Please guys if you know how to do that please tell me.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Also i am from mexico so allmost no one knows how to do that, sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Pseudo code:

private int NoOfPagesCollected;

public void CollectPage (){

void Update (){
    if (NoOfPagesCollected >= 5){
        // End the game

But on a serious matter if you can’t use Google to figure this out you might want to reconsider coding.