How can I fix grass on terrain only visible at close distances/specific angles?


I am having an issue with the grass on my terrain disappearing. I have tried increasing the detail resolution and grass density but it still appears patchy or disappears altogether unless I'm close up and viewing it from certain angles. Would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you in advance.

Fix Terrain Details Draw Distance In Unity - YouTube
Although the solution in this video isn't working for my terrain, the beginning basically shows my exact issue right now.

Just took a long nap. Still no solution. I have to go handle errands so I'll take another poke at it when I get home. I feel like this should just work but still I may use like compute shaders or something to draw grass instead.

making them taller and fooling with the density value works I guess. I dont know why but I'll roll with it.

edit: also, disabling billboard helped with them being only visible from weird angles.

For rendering grass, I would recommend using Vegetation Studio Pro. And for getting more control over how the grass looks, I would suggest using The Vegetation Engine.