How can I fix Unity 5 if it won't launch?


I downloaded Unity 5.4.2, but I had this problem with all of the 5.4 versions and 5.3. It worked about three weeks ago, but now when I launch Unity it attempts to open the program, but leads me to the Bug Report every time.

I have tried reinstalling multiple times, restarting, all the standard fixes, but the problem has gotten worse. Now the Report Bug window doesn’t show up, but it does show in my Windows Task Manager. I am using Windows 10. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the reply, I tried the solution shown there as well as installing the beta. The beta has the same issue.

I was reading a security program could be blocking the launch, but I tried disabling everything and I still can’t launch. I tried wiping every Unity file on my PC, and re-installing, still the same issue.