How can I flip only my 'Player' gameobject, and l leave it's child object alone?

I have a Player gameobject and it has a child gamobject attached to it, the Player gameobject has a script attached to it which basically flips the Player, but it also flips the Player’s child gameobject. How Can I Make The Player’s Child GameObject Not Flip, While The Player Still Flips While Moving Left Or Right

Here’s My Script:

private void Flip(float horizontal)
		if (horizontal > 0 && !facingRight || horizontal < 0 && facingRight)
                facingRight = !facingRight;

			Vector3 thescale = transform.localScale;

                thescale.x *= -1;

			transform.localScale = thescale;

An easy solution would be to flip the child(ren) too after or before the parent has flipped.

@Timo326’s answer is valid. Were it me, I would make the two objects that you want to flip independently siblings inside a larger GameObject. Then I would make the larger game object the thing that moves around (thus moving both children at the same time) but I would only flip the Player game object.