How can I force Facebook Login to Web view Dialog in Android?

I am using Facebook Unity SDK for login to facebook in game which is Andorid…
When I click Login on android it opens up FACEBOOK app, I want to open it in webview in game only?
Is there any code? If there is then how to add it and where? Please Answer!?

I am pretty sure you cannot set this from the Facebook SDK for Unity (in C# code).
The best option would be to edit the underlying Android code and force it to use this particular login type.

As the project is open sourced, you can have a look at how Facebook login is implemented (for Android):

Specifically, you can see that there’s an enum called LoginBehaviour, which is responsible for dictating what the login behaviour will be (app first, webview, etc).

You can clone this repository, and modify the code to set whatever LoginBehaviour you like. Then rebuild the library into an .aar and replace the library that comes with Unity with your patched one.

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