How can I force Unity to create previews of my prefabs?

I have thousands of prefabs in my project. It makes it rather difficult to find which one I want to place on my levels because most of them look like this.

I have some level of organisation but when I have a folder with chairs in it, and there are 50 of these blue cube icons, it's not easy to sort stuff.

The worst part is that Unity used to have previews for all of these prefabs but then I left this project for a few months to work on another one and then returned to this one and they are gone. Some of them do have proper preview images but they are seemingly random and few and far between.


As you can see, there are 4 seemingly random prefabs with previews in a sea of blue boxes. I'd say these are the ones I have in my scene currently, but I have a ton more in the scene, so why are those not showing up properly?

So yeah, I'd like to force Unity, even if it takes hours, to go trough all the prefabs in my project and create preview images of them.

like you i get some not others, initially all blue if you view the folder (not search) it often seems to try generate them, but like you 32 in a folder and about half got icons, half didnt.

edit: went through a few looking.. one, an archway had somehow lost its mesh (odd considering it had one when i prefabed it) pressing ctrl+R to refresh sometimes helps if its all good, if not you need to find meshes or whatever to cheer it up

would be helpful to know the exact Unity version


Oh, the zero patch level. Bump that to the current patch 14. Regardless of whether this fixes the issue because you're sitting on a bunch of early-version bugs. ;)

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