How can I get a job as a games programmer?

Hi, guyzz i know m wierd and this is not the right place to ask this question, but still being a newbie m allowed to attempt one mistake.. So here is the question

i live in india but i want to get into a good game developing company as a programmer, quite ok in programming, but have no idea in how to get into one of the big companies like..[Ill not name them :D]

Help would be appreciated!!

PS: I am scared, oh moderator let my question be answered plz dont delete it :(

Hi. Yes since this isn't specifically a unity-related question, perhaps it's not the best place, but it's certainly relevant in a somewhat peripheral way...

Here are a few sites you might want to look at. They mostly relate to getting into the larger games industry however, whereas the Unity community has a bit more of a bias towards the small company / indie development scene - although most of the information should still be relevant and useful.

Game Career Guide site

Wikipedia - brief summary of experience needed

Blitz Academy careers guidance website

Games from Within - So You Want to Be a Game Programmer? - Getting into the Industry

It's probably worth mentioning the Collaboration Forum, where you can: "Advertise jobs, find team members, offer your help or art-for-code exchanges". You might find work there, or at least some tips on how to get work.

One good tip - have a portfolio. Complete some cool projects, make them available either on the Forums, wiki, or your own website. Then you have something to show what you can do to prospective employers, not just hand them a resume.

I haven't worked in the game industry per se, but in multimedia, educational gaming, etc. The thing that impressed me most was always somebody that had developed a complete game that was all or mostly their own work with the emphasis on "complete" to show attention to detail, ability to complete something (even the non-fun parts), and mastery of all areas of development. Bonus points were granted if the applicant was able to get someone to contribute art if they weren't a proficient artist themselves. A great, new concept would be even better, but a tried concept that was well designed, executed, and had a complete interface would be good too.