How can I get a model/GameObject's size BEFORE instantiate

So I have objects that are pretty high poly. They work well IN game, but are too much for the editor. I’ve created Boxes called Tokens to display in the editor, and you assign which GameObject it gets replaced with in the Start() function. This all works fine. But now I need the Tokens (boxes displayed in the editor) to be resized to match the size of the GameObject, but I obviously don’t want to instantiate one. Here’s what I mean.

public GameObject Model;  // This gets set to what high poly model to display.
private Transform Placeholder;  // The transform for the low poly cube that represents Model in the editor
private bool hiDef = false;  // Which version is currently active

void Update () {
        if (!Application.isPlaying)
            if (Model.collider != null)
                Debug.Log(Model.collider.bounds.size);  // This is showing 0,0,0
                // This is where I'd set the scale of Placeholder to the size of Model.  It works with an instance, but not with the generic GameObject.

Now I recognize some features won’t be available until it’s instantiated. It won’t have a position, etc. But since clicking on the fbx gives me a preview with bounds displayed, I thought I could access it without instantiating it. But maybe they do make an instance to show that.

P.S. As a “plan B” I can change my system to a prefab that contains both the hi-def and the lo-def versions as children, and then just toggle the enabled value of each depending on playing or not. Then I should be able to access the bounds because it’s parent will be instantiated, even though it’s not enabled. Does that make sense?

Not sure if it works, but worth a try: Place your models/prefabs in Resources and see if you can access the bounds after simply loading the object with Resources.Load (without instantiating it).