How can I get AssetId for spawnable object, that came in an AssetBundle

Here is the situation:
I have some AssetBundles with prefabs (GameObjects). I want to spawn them in through the network (NetworkServer.Spawn(go)). So I register them on a client (ClientScene.RegisterPrefab(prefab)) and spawning give me an error on a client side “Failed to spawn server object, assetId=ca1770f47edb46c40935df64801824ee netId=3
. AssetId always the same for one prefab.

When I register and spawn prefab with this assetId, everything works fine. It doesn’t work, when I set some other assetId. Somehow UNET knows, what assetId I should use.

So the question is: How can I get this assetId?

So, if somebody wants to know, the answer is:

Unity editor has a bug. You need certain assetId to register and spawn loaded from assetBundle gameObject. But when you build and run your game outside of the editor, everything will work fine without any additional assetId, just register and spawn it.

Hello, I have the same issue.
Did you manage to find a way to spawn the asset bundles in the editor?

Also, I have nested objects with network id’s in my asset bundle hierarchy and not having the editor creates a lot of issues on figuring out how to spawn the nested objects. Tank you