How can I get data for each individual player in Unity Analytics?

I’m using Unity Analytics to collect data for a project I’m currently working on. However I would like to make my own analysis of the data gathered, but to do so I require data from each individual player, rather than as a merged collection as is the case on the Unity Analytics site.

E.g. I have a custom event (corresponding to a questionnaire) containing values for gender, age and some likert scales (integers between 1 and 5). I want to see what each individual player has answered.

It may be relevant to know that the data is currently collected from the same device, but different players.

Is there a clever way to do this? Or at least a work-around?

@zhakyDK- I am on the Unity Analytics team. I will check in with a team member for feedback. Alternatively, you may search Analytics Forum for a suggestion -

Hi @zhakyDk,

Currently there is no way to separate data out this way. We are working on a raw data export feature which would give you the ability to download your raw events to run your own custom queries against, but I cannot give you any real time frame of when this will become available. We are getting close though!

Looking for similar functionality - individual user data. Is this possible now?