How can i get it so that the player can buy additional turrets for the tank

i am making a tank game and i am wondering if it is possible to get the player able to buy a machine gun turret that will add it to the tank. i know how to set money and buying i just don’t know how to make it so the player can buy attachments for the tank if so please may i have a bit for advice or help please. thank you in advance.

Usually simplest to make it with the extra machine-gun and then figure out how to “turn it off.” For example, in front of the working code to fire the MG, add if(hasMG==true) or if(MGtype>0)

You probably want to be able to switch gun types – the 3D model, the bullet, the reload time … . For swapping the model, a trick is to child an empty “mount point” to your vehicle, marking where the gun goes, and child an empty to the each gun prefab, marking where the bullet comes out. Once you can switch guns, you can make a blank “gun” (plate with rivets) to swap in for “no gun.”