How Can I get Multiple Players to Control a Vehicle? - Photon PUN 2

I have a single large vehicle in which all the players spawn into. The controls for the vehicle are spread out, so the goal is for the players to get to a destination by working together to move the vehicle.

So far, the players can all spawn into the room, move, and see each other. I added a Photon View (set to Takeover) and Photon Transform View to the vehicle which allowed the Main/Host player to control the vehicle and for the other players to see it move, but the other players are unable to interact/control the vehicle. I converted the vehicle into a prefab and used InstantiateRoomObject to create it along with the players, but it still did not work.

How can I make it so that all the players are able to control the vehicle AND all see its movement?

First, you’ll have to separate the logic of the vehicle control to be able to do that. Once everything is separated, you can give the reins of one function (i.e: acceleration, steering, braking, etc.) to a specific player.

The vehicle object should be owned by the server, and the players will only affect its movement in the scene. You can remove and add control depending on the state of the vehicle (in case the players crash it or something) but that should also be handled by the server because it’s the only way that multiple players can have an effect on the object.