How can I get music for the game I'm working on?

I am currently working on my first indie game, and I plan to release it to the public once it’s finished. But I’m not quite sure how I should get the music I need for the game. After doing some research, I found some of the most common ways to get music for an indie game. But I’m still not sure which option would be best for getting the music I need for my game.

Pretty straight forward. If you have a budget, you can hire someone to make some, or buy licensing for professional stock music.

If you don’t have cash to spend you can either use one of many royalty free music sources which you can Google to find, or try to make your own.

Thanks for the advice.

Is there a preferred source for licensed stock music? I was looking at some of the major providers and there seemed to be discrepancies in regards to what they actually license (what you are allowed to use the music for, I mean).

Epidemic Sound? MusicVine? Just wondering what people have used, without issue, in the past.