How can I get my C# script connected to my Unity project?

I am working on a basic, first Unity project, and I’ve created a Ball Game Object (and its rigidbody). I then created a Scripts folder within the Assets folder and added a Script called “Ball”, which I dropped onto the Ball game object.

In VS, I’ve written a basic script (in line with a tutorial), just to get the ball to drop and reflect off the paddle. HOWEVER, the script doesn’t appear to be connected to Unity (as its not using my script). Also, the UnityEngine classes aren’t colored in VS.

I have no errors, I have not omitted the UnityEngine using statement, and my script is titled the same as the gameObject. I’m using VS 2022.

Can anyone help me get Unity to recognize this script? Thanks!

You could go to Edit->Preferences->External Tools and change ‘External Script Editor’ to VS 2022 and try to regenerate project files