How can I get privs to post in the AR/VR section?

Like the title of the post says, I’d like to know how I can obtain privs to post in the AR/VR section, as I’m currently working on a project and I’ve hit a wall that I can’t get past


You can't post a new thread there.

You have to pick a subforum first. AR or VR.

The most recent thread in AR/VR without subforum is from 2020. Meaning an ability to post there has been disabled since, and people simply keep responding to old threads.

Yea, and it looks some of those are just spam posts, it needs some cleanup. This is probably a hold over from when it was a single forum. As @neginfinity pointed out, just choose the appropriate sub-forum first.

You guys where correct! I now see the option to create a new thread inside the subforum!
Much thanks