How can I get soft edges on planes/quads?

I’m making a 2.5D game using a bunch of quads and other flat meshes as background tiles. These create really sharp edges, and I really want to smooth them out a bit. Here is a side-by-side comparison for reference:

alt text

The left side is the hard edge that’s there by default. The right side is the soft edge effect I’m going for.

I have this effect working now (the right side) using a shader that applies an alpha based on the vertex color. However, this requires making a custom mesh for even simple quads, applying the vertex colors and UV map, and raises the poly count.

I’d really like to get this effect without putting all this extra work on the artists, and it seems like a lot of unnecessary steps for an idea that should be pretty straightforward.

Any ideas?


It is like ‘terrain blend texture shader’. Instead blend the texture using vertex color, that is a mesh component, use simple use another texture to blend.